Twitter has announced its unusual partnership with NBA

NBA live stream

Twitter is an American social networking platform mainly used to share news and connect socially. If before the launch of Twitter someone told you that one of the most famous social media networking app would restrict you to 280 characters. You might start laughing at their face.

There is no fun at being restricted, right? But this actually happened. Twitter has always been a bit unique. It has done a lot of hard work to engage its audience. It is still working to provide such a platform for its users that is both informative and fun.

All you need to know about the partnership with NBA

Twitter has announced in a tweet that they has partnered with NBA and that now Twitter users will be able to enjoy an alternate camera angle view of the second half of LIVE games on their Twitter timeline. Twitter never fails to surprise its users. It has again proved its worth by contributing to an evolution of video and social media usage patterns. Recode shared further details that the new feature will allow its users to watch the Twitter live-stream of the second half of the 20 NBA games of the present year. But you might be wondering what is new about it, you can watch that anywhere. So the thing is, the Twitter live-stream will focus mainly on a single player, which means that the camera will capture the moments of that particular player playing in the court.

Moreover, Twitter users can vote for their favourite player and the most voted player will be seen during the first half of the game. After that, the viewers will be able to see a dedicated follow stream of selected stars during the next two quarters of the game. So this feature will be introduced in the month February when this year’s All Star Game will take place. Isn’t that interesting that you can also buy twitter followers from the game take place? You might be thinking that watching a game with the whole focus on a single player would not be as much fun as a real game, but it would be something different though. Some may even love watching it in that particular perspective. It is more interesting than it seems to be. Trust me, you do not want to miss this.

Twitter isn’t able to generate revenues from TV viewing

Twitter and even Facebook have put in many efforts to capitalize from the trending TV viewing behaviours. Both Twitter and Facebook know that one day they will definitely generate profit from it, so they are not stopping their work on it. Numerous studies have shown that people are very active TV content viewers and tend to discuss what they watch on their favourite social media networking apps. So if people have a habit of watching television and also sharing their experience on a social media app then why not combine the both. Yes, this was exactly what Twitter strategised.