Top Non-Profit Organizations in Africa

Non profit organizations play an integral role in the world’s affair and they have attained a special place. In all the regions of the world these are popular for their influential behavior and deeds. These are extremely incredible for their capabilities and their work. Africa is the region that is rich due to the performance of these organizations. Africa is a region that faces various issues related to the problems of health, food and education. There are several NGOs and welfare organizations work for the betterment of the people of Africa. They spend their income for providing the quality food and clean water to the people who have been suffering from starving.

  1. Ripple Africa

It is a famous non profit organization works in Malawi for several causes. They empower the community for achieving a sustainable future. It performs to provide a hand up instead of hand out. Their mission is to improve the standard of healthcare and education. They want to save develop a good environment for the people. They use their income for the welfare of the human and humanity. They focus on the education and environment with the help of the numerous volunteer opportunities in Africa.

  1. Action in Africa

This organization works for the development of the community in Africa. Their mission is to provide education to children. They have built-up partnership with the schools for the provision of scholarship and other opportunities and facilities inside and outside the classroom. They have found a crowd for revolution for reporting the violence. Encouraging the people for reporting the violence on the social media, SMS, E-mail, mobile, internet and any other suitable source she has done an incredible work against violence. Not long ago, this organization has expected another position as Google’s strategy supervisor. Recognizing as a standout amongst the most compelling organization in worldwide innovation it is an incredible organization.

  1. Aid For Africa

This organization works for the betterment of the children in Africa. They empower African families and children for saving them from poverty. They introduce different health improvement plans, protect wildlife, create business and expand education. Their aim is to save life and provide health care to children who are going towards death due to substandard food and water. They spend their income on the welfare of the African people.

  1. Action Africa

It supports people for better life standard. They empower rural villages in Sierra Leone and Nigeria by supporting children with care and health care, micro loans for women, clinics for families and free medical clinics.

The solid perception and the wide vision play a vital role in the progress of the cause. These organizations are passionate about their work and are powerful in doing their tasks. Having the incredible decision power they are innovative in their strategy. Self-assurance is a key entrepreneurial quality. They work for their mission and promote education, health care, food availability, clean water and other basic life facilities. These things make them popular at global level.