Report of Most Searched Keywords in 2018 from Google

As it is the end of the year 2018 just like every year Google announces its top searched keywords of year. These searched keywords are the most searched because of the influence it holds on the people from all over the world. These searched keywords are categorized into three categories in which there are random searches in the year, famous public figures and news. This Google report shows that what the world was the most influenced in this year and it also sort of revise all the major incidents happened in this year for the people.

The most search topics in the news category for this year are, at the top it is the World Cup. World Cup is the major event in the world for the soccer fans which is the reason it being at the top of the most searched and talked about news. In the event category World Cup is also at the top because it is a major event. Second most searched thing in the news category is the Hurricane Florence which was a disaster in the south of the United States of America. It was a major topic which was talked about in the social media and news outlets for few months. The third major news incident is the Mega Millions Results which was the most searched keyword in the news category. The fourth major news searched keyword is the Royal Wedding which was widely discussed up in the world. At the fifth spot it is the Election Results which was the results of mid term elections in the United States of America.

In the random search category World Cup is at the top, at the second spot Avicii and the third spot Mac Miller is the most random searched keyword in this year. At the fourth spot the most searched keyword is the Stan Lee who was the creator of most superhero universe. At the last spot it is the blockbuster movie which is the Black Panther. For the people category Meghan Markle is the at the top spot because she got married to Prince Harry and is the Princesses of Sussex. At the second spot it is the American Pop Singer Demi Lovato. At the third spot Sylvester Stallone, at the fourth spot Logan Paul and at the fifth spot Khloe Kardashian.

There are also some specific searched categories like for the movies and TV shows according to their genres. There is also sports categories that which teams are the highly searched category in that specific sports. Google also allows the users to find out the most searched keyword from specifically your country. Users can change the region of choice from Global to whatever region they want to find out in terms of most searched keywords. Every region has its own major incidents, events, public figures which are the most searched from the public so if the user is curious about it then he or she can easily change the settings of region.