How to Rank Videos on YouTube First Page

Every YouTuber want to have a higher ranking on the search page of YouTube because you can reach millions of potential customers. Over 300 hours of videos are uploaded every single minute to video sharing site YouTube. Approximately, 5 billion videos are viewed every day on YouTube. But how to manage to rank your video by using ranking techniques and buying YouTube likes. It is not as simple as it sounds but it is possible though! Here we will discuss what are the tactics that what the tactics that will rank your videos on YouTube on the first page are.

Create long videos

This may sound a little creepy but longer videos tend to be ranked higher than shorter videos. One of the major element in video ranking is the watch time of your video. The higher your watch time is, the higher ranking you will have to your videos. When your viewers take interest with your videos, it will increase the engagement that in resulting give you high rank in the search page of YouTube. If your content is creative and high-quality then people will likely to watch your video till the end. According to one of the criteria for YouTube, high-quality video will be ranked high. For instance, if you uploaded 2 YouTube videos, one is 20 minutes long and other is 5 minutes long and both earns the same amounts of views for example 5,000. People will likely to watch videos first video for 10 minutes (half video) while watching the number two video for about 2.5 minutes. The total watch time of the first video is approximately 50,000 minutes and approximately 12,500 minutes is the total watch for second video-meaning first video will rank higher because of more watch time.

Promote yourself

Link building is a great way to promote your videos and brand. Post the URL of your videos on different forums over the web. Promote your video on cross-platform like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Add the link of your channel in the bio of your profiles. Engage your friends on social networks. But don’t throw the link of your link carelessly. Throw it on the relevant groups or pages on the social media. The optimization of the YouTube video is based on the backlinks. Maximize the linking of your video whenever you promote it on cross platforms or physical reminders to pals and colleagues. Your video will appear on the first page to YouTube when you have more video backlinks.

Buy YouTube likes, views and subscribers to boost yourself

When you buy YouTube likes, views and subscribers then your video will be ranked very soon on the search page of YouTube. For instance, if you buy YouTube likes and views from a trusted provider that provide real likes and views. Real people will watch your video for a long time then the watch time of your time will be increased in a very short period of time. Moreover, you will gain a more targeted audience and YouTube will define your channel as a channel with high-quality content.