Google Adds New Video Ad CTAs for YouTube

With the new Call to action format which is now being rolled out for the youtube ads, is going to be introduced in January 2019 and for it, the Google has announced to add the call to action button for the videos. As it is also explained by Google, that to make videos more attractive and interactive too with the added features like there is end screens and then call to action would help the viewers so that they could be able to learn about the service and brand of yours and also to the relevant actions of your brand.

This effort is simply the interactive efforts of the youtube interactive features across its different video formats and that would be able sunset the call-to-action overlay which would be introduced in 2019 January and the new call-to-action extension. To have the more references the current youtube video’s CTA overlays would have a different look. The new formats are amazing to remove the clunky look of the buttons which were older and they made it more integrated and more specific in a form better than the previous one with the name Ad signifier.

This update in the youtube is really providing a broader effort to move away from some of those outdated and older and also they sometimes became interruptive with the buttons and prompts which will show up on the screens of whatever device type is being in use by you. As you can also recall that the youtube has recently announced the removal of the onscreen annotations till 15th January and the latest update which it has made recently along with getting rid of the on-screen clutters and same lines and also prioritizing the viewer’s experiences with the better and new integrated tools.

This is how they would be able to provide a better experience to the youtube users and also they will be able to meet the needs of people which usually are associated with such channels. This would also be a great step for the advertising companies to have better marketing of their brands and to meet the needs of their customers because this is how they would be able to receive immediate feedback out of whatever they are showing to their viewers. Especially for the advertisers, this is the best thing because now their CTAs could get clearer and well defined and this is how they would be able to attract more interested and deliberate users.

You can also get access to the complete report to learn that which platforms marketers are shifting their budgets to 2019 and how they would benchmark their social media marketing struggles. This really seems like there is now a no-brainer for Google somehow as it is trying to seek and to more experiences and to compete them with the other VOD providers, then it would end more to move from such cheap and older looking formats so that the users could be able to enjoy a premium experience with that.