DJ Khaled’s wife Nicole Tuck’s life biography

Nicole Tuck is known to the world as DJ Khaled’s wife, Tuck is the business manager of record producer and J Khaled. She is an entrepreneur as she used to run her own clothing line but later she closed her business due to some reasons. As of now, she is working his partner as his manager to help him to earn more bucks of money. Tuck has also a child, Ashad Tuck Khaled to DJ Khaled after her eleven years of relationship. However, her partner DJ Khaled is open when it comes to his private life but Nicole is pretty much secretive about her personal life. Here, we gathered some information about her life; let’s know about her biography and private life.


Tuck hails from a Palestinian-American-African business family who is involved in several businesses. She was born on December 7, 1975. She has a mixed ethnicity. As per information on her Wikipedia page, she completed her Master’s degree from Fordham University in 2005. She is younger than her beau DJ Khaled but taller than him in height. She is a mother of one son Asahd Tuck Khaled who was born in 2016.

Relationship with DJ Khaled

DJ Khaled and Tuck shared vows with each other till death when they got engaged in a private ceremony after 11 years of dating. Tuck stuck by his side when through thick and thin when he was not a famous rapper. The love-struck couple announced that they are going to become parents soon at Bet Awards in 2016. The hip-hop artist walked on the red carpet with her beloved fiancée and showed his love with a kiss on her baby bump while they announced the news of the arrival of their first baby. The duo welcomed the first the first bunch of blessing on 23rd October 2016 and named their child, Asahd Tuck Khaled. DJ Khaled often walked with his son on his concerts and red carpet. But DJ Khaled’s proposal made an internet sensation when DJ Khaled proposed Nicki Minaj in 2013. Later, Minaj revealed that it was just a joke and he is not attracted to me. She further said that we are in a bond between sister and brother. But this drama left a question mark on the relationship of Tuck with DJ Khaled. DJ Khaled’s wife is not intended to marry him soon but they were spotted on many occasions. Both are considered a love symbol for all couples.

Net Worth:

However, she belongs to a well-off family but managed to have their own business in her past. She was a businesswoman who earned profligate fortunes from her clothing business ABU Apparel. But she soon closed ABU Apparel due to inevitable circumstances. Since then, she became the part of DJ Khaled Music Empire and working as her unofficial business manager which added more fortune in DJ Khaled wife’s net worth. But still, her net worth is not known. She is also promoting DJ’s charitable cause in a greater way.


Currently, DJ Khaled’s wife is residing at the farmhouse of British singer Robbie Williams with her beau Khaled and her son. Khaled bought this residence back in 2017.