6 Hotels to Stay In Chbika

The trip to Chbika offers a lifetime experience to experience the sandwiched combination of sea and desert. While planning a trip to Chbika one should know about the best hotels to not compromise the experience. There are a lot of hotels around Chbika but some offer the value tourist needs. Following are the list of top 6 hotels in Chbika for tourists.

  1. Canarias Sahara:

This hotel is almost 30 kilometers away from Chbika comes under the Chbika region. The price for stay and facilities are affordable. The best part about this hotel tourist gets value for money. The terrace and garden for the traveller with constant breeze from Atlantic. The rooms in hotel depict the traditional Moroccan architecture that is hybrid of Berber, French and Arabic style. The rooms are comfy and spacious. The hotel also has the facility of free Wi-Fi.

According to reviews by customers, online the hotel is fantabulous and it provides all the comfort and facilities for the awesome experience at Chbika.

  1. Riad Essadia:

Riad Essadia has one of the most architecture in whole Chbika region. The traveler falls in love with the beauty of the building and enjoys awesome services. It is a bit expensive as compared to Canarias Sahara. Local food and delicacies are served with.

  1. Kasba Tan Tan:

The Kasba Tan Tan is in the north of Chbika. The customer service is quite high. The environment around Kasba Tan Tan gives the feel of Sahara desert. The rooms are quite and furnished. The price is affordable and its rooms are available on height season.

  1. Résidence Laayoune:

One of the luxurious hotels in Chbika region targets niche of high class. The elegant style of Résidence Laayoune is evident from its grand white building. This hotel also depicts the Moroccan culture with rooms exhibiting Moroccans taste. Service members are quite gracious and it is best for a luxurious stay.

  1. Résidence Daraa:

A 3-star hotel but with wonderful placement near the Watya beach is adored by tourists. The hotel is famous for its position that gives tourist fantabulous features. The harbor is also 2km away from this hotel. The beach and services associated with it make time at this worth spending. The view from the terrace of the hotel at night and morning is purely magical. The parking and internet services are free. Guest can enjoy both international and local scrumptious food.

  1. Equinox:

This hotel is located near to Chbika in Tan Tan plage region. The hotel is located just 700 meters away from Tan beach. The leisure time is magnified with a barbecue at night and local dishes. The Equinox is one of the cheapest hotels with best services in Chbika region.

Planning a trip to Chbika is not difficult with the presence of beautiful hotels in the town. Tourist is free from the worries of accommodation. All these hotels offer all necessary services to appear in the top 6 hotels list. Don’t wait or procrastinate for planning trip to Chbika. Chbika is ready to welcome you with open arms.